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"This is the 5th time we have been back and we will return again! We always stay in one of the downstairs studios and absolutely love it. It's the perfect size for us and has everything we need and more. We spend alot of time in the hammock on the balcony with beer or rum in hand, the best time of day is watching the sun set into the sea. We take the necessary precautions and have never been bothered by mosquitoes. We love it here and will definitely be back."

(Sarah & Lee, visited February 2011)

"Coconut Heights in Castara is a very special place to relax. Once one accepts that Castara is not like some compound resort, it is a perfect location to unwind and have fun. Coconut Heights has it all, great kitchen, four poster bed with net, eclectic library of books, open plan balcony for sunset viewing and we especially liked the personal touches to reveal that this is a real family holiday home. Highly recommended though personally we'd like to keep it a secret."

(Simon and Helen, visited December 2010)

"We are back from another fantastic week in the The Beach House. The sixth time we returned. So far we always stayed in Breadfruit Grove because it met all our needs. We decided to stay in Coconut Heights this time – we just wanted to try it out – although we had been perfectly happy all the other times. And – what shall I say? Breadfruit Grove is paradise – Coconut heights is heaven beyond. The whole apartment is equipped with everything you might require – especially in the kitchen, the owners thought of everything. You see and feel everywhere how much Carole and Graham care for the house and their guests – and with how much love they furnished the house – and keep everything in perfect condition. When we return to Tobago, it's out of question that we will ever stay anywhere else that in the The Beach House – we will just have to decide in which apartment – will we choose the paradise or the heaven beyond?"

(Anna & Daniel Raab, visited August 2010)

"The Beach House Castara was perfect for the two of us with privacy provided by the trees, and yet, was right on the beach. The village is largely self-sufficient, with a fresh fish supply every day. You wouldn't have to go anywhere else to have a most pleasant stay."

(Matti & Ulla, visited June 2010)

"We returned to the The Beach House for the 4th time this April. For us it is true paradise. The location, just a few steps from Heavenly Bay, is wonderful. We stayed in one of the smaller downstairs apartments. These are very simple, but have all you need. The kitchen is very well equipped, the view from the veranda is incredible, and the beach was very quiet. The sunsets were beautiful . Sitting watching the sun goes down, with a rum punch in hand, is such a peaceful experience. We will return again!"

(Gillan, visited April 2010)

"My wife and I stayed for almost two weeks in one of the downstairs studios and found everything to be perfect! The beach was only a few steps away and was practically empty every day. The villa itself was exactly what we hoped for and much more. I am already suggesting this to all my friends!"

(Blair, visited February 2010)

"The Beach house is really an amazing place - perfect location, stunning views from the verandah, lovely weather, friendly people and the laid back atmosphere make this place a paradise on earth. We've enjoyed every minute and we're going to miss this place!"

(Eva and Wojciech, visited March 2009)

"Castara is kind of unique - it feels like you've wandered into someone's village, and whilst they are quite pleased to see you, they won't put on a show - they're friendly as long as you fall into doing things their way and at their speed - and if you do, then after a few days you realise you've become part of the rhythm of the community. It's not the scene for eveyone but we loved its natural, quaint, unpretentious atmosphere. We would like to keep The Beach House a secret but feel we have to share out of respect for it's generous owners. Thank you!"

(Diana Moss, visited March 2009)

"We would like to thank Alison, Porridge, Milk, and the entire village of Castara for making our stay at The Beach House, Palm Corner a heart felt journey that we will cherish the rest of our lives. Words cannot express how special everyone made us feel while being able to experience a bit of heaven in your beautiful home. We would swim around the rocks to buy fish from the locals and share our evenings with the wonderful people of Castara. We learned to play "Amazing Grace" on the steel pan after being taught by The Pan Man. We witnessed a Baptism on the beach of Heavenly Bay, listened to gospel and drum music from our balcony, swam at the Castara waterfall, snorkled among our sea-fairing friends, and met the most beautiful people. We went to Sunday School in Bucoo, an experiece that will last forever. If anyone is concerned about the lack of air conditioning, don't be. The Beach House is so well shaded with tropical trees that you don't need the A/C. Truly a wonderful experience that we think about going back everyday."

(Jorge Sanchez, visited September 2008)

"Our 3 days at the Beach house was to die for, amazing, ideal location. We took our coffee and drank it as we walked alongside the beach, everyone was very pleasant and treated us wonderfully. My husband and I are looking forward to our next stay at The Beach House."

(Florrie Hospedales, visited July 2008)

We had an absolutely fantastic time in Tobago and loved the Castara Beach House - it was just so magical. We loved watching the birds and bats come in for food, even the chickens. The decor is very tasteful and the view is unbeatable.  Everything about it was perfect as the beach is beautiful, great snorkeling and lovely people.  Thanks for all your help and we will be sure to recommend the beach house to everyone we know."

(Bridget Gillespie, visited June 2008)

"Much has been written about Castara and the Beach House but for us it was a truly magical experience that words do not adequately describe. We loved the weather, the scenery, the beach, the fish and most of all we loved the new friends we had a chance to lime with and laugh with. We thank you and Porridge for all your kindness and look forward to seeing you soon."

(Bill & Penny Esdale, visited May 2008)

"We are home from our three weeks in paradise, and we just have to say that the beach house was absolutely perfect, and we loved Castara! :-) We spent two wonderful weeks there, and loved every minute. We lived in Black Rock the last week, but Castara and Beach house is our absolute favourite.  Thanks!"

(Bente Marita and Kenneth, visited April 2008)

"I just wanted to thank you for the chance to spend some (all too brief) time in your beautiful home from home.  We both felt that Castara was undoubtedly the nicest place on the island, and that The Beach House was by far the best spot in the village. Just being able to sit on the balcony, cold beer in hand, watching the sun set over the bay, was a joy worth travelling many miles for."

(P Kendall, visited November 2007)

"We had a wonderful time staying in Breadfruit Grove at The Beach House. It even managed to exceed our excited expectations!  Porridge took and collected us from the airport, which was great, and he was an amazing Mr. Fixit, who was always cheerful!  It was such a lovely location and an idyllic place to stay.  One week is not enough!"

(Ed & Suzanne Walker, visited March 2007)

"We were among the first visitors of 2007!  New Years Day, we flew into Tobago and found true paradise.  We spent a lot of time just sitting on the veranda watching the seabirds dive for fish like torpedoes. We also enjoyed feeding bananas to the bats, and looking for passing lizards, motmots, and bananaquites. We explored the island, and found out that Castara was the best place to stay. They had a beautiful bay, a lovely village, and the most idyllic apartment here was The Beach House!"

(Jappe & Mariell, visited January 2007)

"We stayed in here for two weeks in January this year. First thing that hit us was the stunning location of place. The apartment was well equipped and everything we needed was there. Even though the apartment was very simple, it felt like home from the beginning. It was also very clean, and Carleen kept it that way during our visit.  The Beach House and Castara, we fell in love and will be back some day."

(Johanna and Pasi, visited January 2007)

"We stayed for seven nights in Coconut Heights and we loved it. The setting and view from the apartment made it very special.  The open balcony was a magical place to sit and watch the pelicans and baker birds diving for fish. The whole apartment had a homey feel to it, with comfy easy chairs and a good sized dining table. The bed was very comfortable, and the shower and toilet spotlessly clean.  We liked to cook for ourselves some of the time, and having stayed at two other properties over the previous seven nights, we were pleasantly surprised at the level of kitchen equipment here.  Porridge is Graham and Carol's local agent and general Mr. Fixit in Castara. I defy anyone to find a more outrageously charming and helpful man.

(Ray Hargreave, visited January 2007)

"The Beach House at Tobago was truly a slice of paradise, situated on Heavenly Bay in the most beautiful location in Tobago. The property was so homely and lovingly decorated, that we felt like it was our own. The Beach House allows guests to capture the true beauty of Castara, situated right on the sand, surrounded by beautiful tropical gardens and visited by countless birds.  The property was excellently maintained and spotlessly clean, and the attention of the managers - Porridge and Jeanelle - was outstanding. Our time here (though not long enough) was absolutely superb, and we will be back! It is definitely the best place to stay in Tobago!"

(Joanne Grosse, visited October 2006)

We arrived at The Beach House in the dark, and "wow" the ocean was so close that we had the impression it was running through our bedroom!  In the morning, we woke up and were delighted by the amazing view from our balcony. The next day we put something in the feeder of our balcony to get the birds' attention. It took not more than 15 minutes for the first birds to arrive. We saw motmots and other rare species very close.  You will find exactly what is promised on the website of the Beach House."

(Renate Goerner, visited January 2006)

"Coconut Heights was a perfect retreat. We loved its open aspect, simple living and homey feel. It was not fancy (hooray), but provided all the facilities we needed. If you are looking for that glamorous Caribbean holiday, this isn't the place for you. If you want something a little off the beaten path, some peace, and easy living, you could not ask for a better 'Beach House' in a more wonderful location."

(Linda, visited January 2006)

“After staying at The Beach House, we will definitely be returning next year. The position on "Heavenly Bay" was perfect. We loved the sounds of the waves, and the birds which wake you in the morning. I could not have imagined that anywhere could be so relaxing. We hired a car from Porridge for a week, and travelled around the island, but it felt so good to be back in Castara at the end of the day. Porridge and Jeanelle were incredibly friendly and helpful. We are so looking forward to returning to The Beach House next year. Truly paradise!

(Gill & Shaun Overton, visited April 2006)

“An idyllic, get away from it all, location; a nature-lovers paradise”
(Gail Hampshire, visited in April 2006)

“If you can get to The Beach House and want to have your own place on a small quiet beach over looking the Caribbean Sea then – look no further...”
(Richard & Alice, visited February 2006)

“We would definitely go back... a real gem”
(Steve & Helen Vesty, visited January 2006)

“The Beach House (and in particular the Coconut Heights apartment) is our favourite place to stay in Tobago. Coconut Heights was a perfect retreat. We loved its open aspect, simple living and homey feel. If you are looking for that glamorous Caribbean holiday, this isn't the place for you. If you want something a little off the beaten path, some peace, and easy living, you could not ask for a better 'beach house' in a more wonderful location.”
(Linda Tenger, visited March 2005 & January 2006)

“Tobago, Castara, The Beach House...I've been to over 50 countries and have never considered returning to the same place until now. The Beach House was everything promised and more than can be described in words. The accommodations were tidy, cozy and romantic. The location was one of the best on earth. It offered breathtaking views, a secluded beach, and a tranquil atmosphere.”
(David Bray, visited November 2005)

“If your idea of a holiday is simply falling out of bed and into the sea, this is for you. The property was well maintained and kept spotless thanks to Jeanell and Porridge, who looked in on a regular basis to make sure everything was okay. Porridge was an excellent host and source of information.”
(John & Jude Bethray, visited September 2005)

"Castara was truly unique - from the people and culture, to the scenic sunrises and sunsets."
(Jeff Borges, visited June 2005)

“The Beach House was absolutely perfect, and gave us a kind of “Robinson Crusoe” feeling. The kitchen was perfectly equipped, and the bed was very comfortable. If we had any problems or questions, we could just ask Porridge. He took care of us every day, and made impossible things possible! Our advice is to stay here, enjoy the view, the beach, and the people”
(Hugo & Claudia, visited May 2005)

“We just wanted to thank you for the fantastic time we had at Palm Corner. We both agreed it was the best holiday we've had and really met and surpassed our expectations for beauty of location and, well everything in fact! We felt really well looked after by you guys and Porridge and Duck, and were very sad to leave our paradise beach house. Castara is the most friendly and lovely place - apart from being so quiet and beautiful, the warmth of the community is really refreshing. We hope to return one day, perhaps on our honeymoon we'll stay at Coconut Heights!
(Chloe & Steve, visited October 2004)

“(This is) our second visit here - we were greeted with smiles and hugs and 'How are you?' and 'Welcome back!' And to be awakened by waves and a rooster in the morning is special. For photographers and artists, the morning and evening light is amazing, and at night, you will see more stars than you have ever seen. The well-equipped accommodation was set in a lovely tropical garden and was kept spotless and well maintained by Porridge and Jeanell, and if you need transport somewhere, a fishing trip or a rain forest trek, Porridge is your man. We're coming back again next year for the third time, it has become the best stress-buster we know”.
(Steve & Mary Lloyd, review posted March 2004, also visited February 2003, February 2005)

“We stayed in three different cottages on the island and The Beach House is our favorite, by far. It was actually located on the beach and the first night you probably have to get used to the sound of the crashing waves. The studios were well equipped, clean, romantic and tropical. We stayed in the Breadfruit Grove which has a wonderful view of the ocean. From here we could see the pelicans catching fish during sunset and if we were lucky, sting rays floating through the water like the shadow of clouds. Castara was a charming little fishing town with two wonderful beaches, The Beach House was located on the little bay side where we found the nicest swimming waters.”
(Ingeborg from Amsterdam, visited March 2004)

“The view was spectacular. We arrived at night and were so curious about what it would look like in the morning, and we were not disappointed. Lush vegetation, green waves crashing on our doorstep, mountains dropping into the sea. It was all we had hoped. We also enjoyed some extras, like roosters crowing every morning so we would not miss a minute of the day, and locals who did more than show us the sights; they welcomed us into their lives. We snorkeled, shopped at the local stalls, bought fresh fish and cooked up a curry in the well appointed kitchen. But most of all we laughed - a lot. I will return.”
(Ghislaine O’Hanley, visited March 2004).

“If you want a relaxing time with real interaction with locals (Porridge was a fantastic host and Duck gave wonderful boat tours), go to Castara. I thought The Beach House was in the best location in town. There were very few rentals right on the beach--and you really can't get any closer than this! The waves literally lulled me to sleep and the snorkeling was fantastic right on the beach.”
(A traveler from New York, visited December 2003)

Kitchen in Coconut Heights

the kitchen in Coconut Heights

Living and bedroom space in Coconut Heights

The Beach House, seen from Castara Bay

Outside seating and barbecue area, beach level studio

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